Discounts for orders NOVEMBER-FEBRUARY

Are you interested in a significant discount? Here is a way: make a payment for your order now and save up to 15% discount! It does not matter if you collect the goods immediately or in spring, your discount is applicable in either case.

  • for payments in NOVEMBER = 20% DISCOUNT and the goods must be collected by end November, not applicable for gift vouchers
  • for payments in DECEMBER = 15% DISCOUNT
  • for payments in JANUARY = 10% DISCOUNT
  • for payments in FEBRUARY = 5% DISCOUNT

If you decide that you want this discount add your selected plants to your basket and at the check out we will ask you to confirm your discount and calculate its value for you. Then your order will be finished.

SMART TIP: In order to get a nice big discount on all your winter shopping (the discount gets lower by 5% every month) you can buy our gift tokens from December onwards. The smart thing is that they can be purchased now with the same discount as is available for a concrete month. If you know you want to spend say 5000 CZK (approx. 200 euros) you can buy tokens for this amount but pay less less the current discount valid for each month. And then there is no rush choosing plants from our catalogue over the whole winter period. If you find that you have not chosen enough goods for early spring no problem - the gift tokens can be used by the end of the year. Or the contrary - if they are not sufficient for all your winter shopping you can always buy more respecting the discount for the month of purchase. Click here to order gift tokens.

  • Discounts do not add up.
  • Payment for a winter orders with a discount has to be made instantly with a credit card or via bank transfer (we allow 3 days for such transfer).
  • If paid by bank transfer and the payment does not arrive within 3 days the order is cancelled and the goods released for further sale.
  • When using November discount the goods must by collected by end November. For December, January, and February the goods will be stored here free of charge until latest end March.
  • November discount is for plants only, not for gift vouchers
  • This offer is valid from November 1 until the last day of February, and cannot be applied on orders made before November 1.


We thank you for every shopping made with us be it a couple of hundreds of crowns or several thousands. And along with thank-you's it is a nice custom to give something away. And rather than giving you extra items for free, items you might not find useful anyway, we have a discount system. It is true that nowadays the words "discount" and "sale" are being abused and tend to lose their original meaning. Still we understand them in the old-fashioned way and therefore calculate our prices fairly, and do not increase them at the very beginning faking huge discounts later. Our discounts are purely a reflection of your shopping and if you reach a certain amount, along with some money written off your bill you will get our loyalty card that will guarantee you the same discount for your next shopping. Simply because you have earned it. Want to know more? Here are the options:



5% off on all plants including those marked as HOBBY quality. This is the only card that cannot be earned by a shopping, this card can only be purchased. We have decided to come up with this card because formerly the level for our first discount started when minimum of 15,000 crowns were spent. This disadvantaged other, often loyal and long-term customers who could not afford making a shopping at this value, but who spent some money with us in dribs and drabs on more or less regular basis every year. So here is a solution - this card will cost you 500 crowns and is forever - it needn't be renewed, you needn't reach any amount. Just shop whenever you like and get your discount. Buy this card.


Our well-known green card will not get you a permanent residence in the Czech Republic, but a good discount of 7% on all plants. We have had this card ever since we established our garden centre and it has received well deserved popularity. You will gain it by making a purchase at the value of minimum 15,000 Czech crowns (either at once or in dribs and drabs - just collect our receipts and when the sum has reached 15K come and claim your card). The card is valid without time restriction and is transferable.



Our silver card is our thank you to those of you who have spent minimum of 100,000 crowns, either at once or in multiple purchases so far (all you need to do is collect the receipts and present them when applying for it). It gives you 10% discount on all plants including HOBBY quality and manifests our highest possible retail discount.


We are happy to see more and more professionals shopping with us, and in order to encourage more and new gardeners come to us we offer our gold card to gardening professionals and other shops and garden centres who would like to purchase our plants at wholesale prices for further sale. All you need to do is present your trade license and ask for details. We will be glad to welcome you as our trading partner.

  • We sell VAT free to all EU member countries.
  • Conditions of use of each card are given on card's reverse (in Czech).
  • Discount cannot be added up.
  • If a product already shows a discount that is different from your discount the higher discount is valid.
  • Exceptionally some items may show "no further discounts". In such case you may not demand your discount.
  • For special items e.g. plants for hedging larger discounts are often offered for more plants per variety, do not hesitate to ask your staff.
  • In case of misuse we reserve the right to cancel the card instantly.
LARGE PLANTS over 150 cmspecimens, screening and hedging shrubs

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