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Univerzální substrát
Professional substrate for general purpose is a versatile substrate for most plants except those which need exact soil pH for healthy life. This substrate consists of perfect ratio between peat and fibre which helps it remain evenly moist i.e. it does not stay wet and does not dry out quickly either ...
Vřesovištní substrát
Professional substrate for ericaceous plants is an excellent mixture designed for plants that love or need acidic soil reaction. This substrate consists of exact ratio of peat, finely crushed bark, and fine-grained sand which imitates natural habitat of these plants in the wild. It is enriched with ...
Zavětrovací úvaz
Every newly planted tree needs a support by pole staking: - if its stem is taller than one meter. - if the mass of foliage causes an obstacle for wind which would make it unstable and not upright Staking will protect the trees from uprooting, breakage of newly producing roots, and development ...


LARGE PLANTS over 150 cmspecimens, screening and hedging shrubs

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