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Playground with a garden2018

An interesting project was this private playground for kids of a large family. They decided not to sell the attached plot and wisely kept it for future needs. Plenty of children who wanted to play somewhere as well as parents' will to keep an eye on them put together the idea of creating this safe place where no one has to worry about passing cars or anything else. Just go out any play!

There is perhaps everything a small kid and a youngster may need - from a slide and a swing for the smallest to football goals, table tennis, and a basket for teenagers. And a small pool for everyone.

Kids have a place where they can let off steam while the parents and grandparents can have a cup of coffee or make a summer meal in a fully equipped summer kitchen in the corner of the ground. And they all can enjoy the beauty of a surrounding garden which is withstands an occasional hit of a ball.

Building works began in early spring because there was not only the summer house to build but several paved paths running through the playground.
First we needed to let the paths be finished but meanwhile could start removing knee- or more high weed.
Since the building works were supposed to last longer than expected we sheeted the ground with mulching fabric to keep new weeds away.
We designed the beds for flowers and shrubs along with the architect of the house to make sure there will be plenty of greenery as well as paved areas for paths and seating.
Perhaps every garden should offer something to eat, some fruit you can grab fresh off the tree. This area was generously devoted to fruit and berries.
Fortunately it did not take long when we could start our job while pavers and irrigation guys were finishing their work.
For practical reasons the areas where kids would play were covered with artificial turf of the highest quality but the margins of the beds were equipped with live lawn with irrigation.
It looks good and keeps its functionality.
Features like garden furniture, lamps and other decorations were chosen by the owner herself.
When I visited the garden one year after it was amazing to see how the plants developed. They are twice or even three times their original size and flourish.
Plants thrive and exhibit their health and well-being.
Shrubs and trees do remarkably well especially after using root fungi (mycorrhiza),
We use it for perennials, too, but there the mass is enhanced by planting 3 or more plants together.
Every landscape shows a great contrast when plants of differently coloured foliage are mixed with the green ones.
Don't be afraid to use very dark leaves, they will add drama.
Soft green, arching leaves of hakonechloas will bright up every corner and will create a relaxed and calm atmosphere.
And have no fear either to use vibrant flower colours such as those on lythrum.
Because you can always soften them up for example with a white hydrangea.
Or golden yellow brown-eyed-Susan.
And when landscaping a summer garden at least one butterfly bush is a must!
An exotic touch by monbretias.
Summer flowering allium Millenium is a perennial star for us, just like this fine Spanish pine bark mulch. Isn't is beautiful?
We also promised something to eat so here they are: a peach tree, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and red and white currant.
They are so yummy! Flat peaches are the top.
And even when the sun is out these tickseeds shine throughout the whole day.
And is the coffee is ready there's nothing sweeter than having a sit down and enjoying the beauty all around.
Because when the kids are back from the trip there will be a lot of traffic and activity again :-)
LARGE PLANTS over 150 cmspecimens, screening and hedging shrubs

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