Winter hardiness

Well, how to explain that without boring you to tears: we all belong to Homo Sapiens species but still each of us has different needs as far as cold and warmth. Same as our plants. Some will do without a single touch; others will need a very good coat for our winter which will make their survival surprisingly possible even in our climate. If you follow the following instructions you can see them growing happily without unnecessary dieback:

Kód zimní ochrany - 0 This plant needs no winter protection whatsoever. It goes to sleep in winter while the sap is hidden in the roots which are absolutely winter hardy. So it needs no more than to wish it "Good Night".
Kód zimní ochrany - A This plant is hardy, too, however, its roots will benefit from a certain protection. It needs a good layer of bark mulch to keep the soil around from heavy frosts and to provide moist conditions
Kód zimní ochrany - B These plants come from warmer parts of Europe and will survive in our climate, too. But they may suffer from continental changes of weather, freezing winds and frozen soil. But you needn't worry if you find it a sheltered spot (in a closed yard, against a south-facing wall, in front of a heated house). It also needs a good layer of mulch as a protection from frosts.
Kód zimní ochrany - C Just by the look you can see that these plants are special and unique in our climate. But knowing we want all of you to have your very own paradise on Earth we tested their winter hardiness and found out they could easily survive our winter if given a sufficient protection. This consists of: finding the plant a protected location (in a closed yard, against a south-facing wall, in front of a heated house), overwrapping the parts above ground in white woven, if it has a trunk it has to be covered with jute, it also needs a good layer of mulch to protect the roots that, in case of evergreens, need to absorb water even in winter months to supply the leaves with moisture. We strongly suggest avoiding winter and spring sunlight in the morning.
Kód zimní ochrany - D This plant can stay outdoors in winter, too, if you cut all leaves to the ground, cover it with bark mulch at least 25 cm high, and find a plastic top that will keep the pile of mulch from excess wet during winter. After danger of frosts in spring remove everything. I suppose that plants such as gunnera manicata are worth the efforts, aren't they?
Kód zimní ochrany - X As we also want to offer a few exotics that will 100% enhance the look of every garden or patio, we sell plants that would outdoors definitely go to the Green Heaven in winter, so they have to be taken indoors for winter and taken out again after all frosts. Some of them tolerate -5 to -7°C, check the label. Provide enough sunlight and reduced watering during winter.
LARGE PLANTS over 150 cmspecimens, screening and hedging shrubs

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