International shipping.

We ship our plants to all parts of continental Europe and the U.K. In case of EU countries there are no restrictions, additional VAT, or duty we know of (last checked January 2013). If your country is outside the EU we can send goods to you, too, but you may be obliged to pay your VAT to your tax office, and duty if you exceed a certain amount. Please check with your local authorities the maximum value of goods for which you needn't pay duty. To avoid disappointment we suggest you chceck these conditions before placing an order.

Costs of international shipping.

Most of the goods we send abroad travel in boxes made specially for sending plants in. The parcels travel via Czech Post service and are delivered to you via your national postal service. The price can be calculated at Added is only a packing surcharge (see below). When you make an order we always let you know the exact shipping charge for you to accept or decline before we send the order out. Please remember that although we do our best to reduce the shipping charge to minimum, the plants have to travel safely to get to you in good order. So saving money by reducing the number of parcels sent, or choosing a cheaper service that takes longer, might cause severe damage to the plants inside, especially during the season when each day is important. That is why we always choose the safest and quickest way rather than the cheapest.

If you make a larger order which needs to travel in a lorry or a van, we enquire the best price for you from our international haulier.

Shipping to Russia and United Kingdom

RUSSIA: Owing to constant problems with parcels sent to Russia we cannot guarantee safe arrival in any Russian address. Parcels were either held at customs where plants were dying, or they got lost or stolen without any compensation from their side. Safely we can only ship a larger order in a van or a truck. A parcel can be dispatched only with your written consent that you are willing to undertake the risk.

GREAT BRITAIN: Following new rules after January 1, 2021 Great Britian refuses accepting parcels with live plants of any kind until further notice. Currently we can only ship a larger order worth more than £135 to a VAT registered business customer in a van or a truck. Transport costs of one pallet are usually £230-270 plus customs clearance (about £33). Both plants and shipping are VAT free. Once you place your order we will always contact you with shipping options prior to processing your order. Owing to increased administration transport may take up to 5 days (plants are not endangered).

NORTHERN IRELAND works as any other EU country if transported via ferry and GB is not entered.



Shopping in our garden centres

Unless you own at least a small fleet of vans, lorries, or army helicopters we have an excellent way of delivering your purchased goods right to your house (I mean your plot, not your kitchen) by one of our vans. The prices of such transport are shown below, and will be confirmed to you by our shop assistant after you have made your shopping, or upon request it can be estimated before you pay for your goods so you can decide whether to go ahead and how to proceed. This service is available if you buy a small present for your husband that does not fit your handbag (the present, not your husband), or if you need a hundred of cherry trees for your new driveway. We will always find a solution of how to get the plants to you.

When you shop on-line

Plants that are in stock are tagged with an option showing how they can reach you if you are not able to come and pick them up yourself. Either BY POST (these can be sent in a safe and solid box by regular courier service), or BY CAR (these need a vehicle to be transported in and it depends on the plant size whether a family car will do or a van will have to be used). You can ALWAYS collect them yourself from our garden centres during standard opening hours. If you choose to have them sent BY POST we will send them as soon as they are available and fill one box unless a different way is agreed. Plants tagged with SPRING have not been measured yet and therefore the means of delivery cannot be given, only estimated.

Sending plants in boxes by parcel service in the Czech Republic

Our boxes are safe and solid and made solely for us to our specifications. They are packed with our utmost care and precision ensuring they reach you in the best possible conditions. In the Czech Republic the parcels have guaranteed transit time.

A fuel surcharge valid at the time of shipping may be added to the transport costs respecting fluctuation of the fuel price. Currently it is 2%.

Czech Republic

Postage 99-222 Kč according to parcel weight
COD surcharge 29 Kč
Parcel size max. height 150 cm
Oversize surcharge 157 Kč for height over 150 cm but max. 200 cm
Packing 60-220 Kč according to parcel size


Postage 223-397 Kč according to parcel weight
COD surcharge 42 Kč
Parcel size max. height 150 cm
Oversize surcharge 157 Kč for height over 150 cm but max. 200 cm
Packing 60-220 Kč according to parcel size
Valid from 1.2.2018.

Delivery of plants in our vans - valid from December 1, 2021

If you request delivery BY CAR the price of transportation is calculated upon the distance between you and our garden centre that is closer to you. It is always recommended to wait for other deliveries in the same direction because the more customers chip in the less each one pays. As soon as we get your order we always calculate the best possible delivery option to keep the transportation price as low as possible. Unfortunately, fuel price keeps on rising and we are not the Ewings ... Here are our prices:

  • 1-5 km = 250 CZK per customer
  • 6-29 km = 30 CZK/km

The following prices are for deliveries where goods for minimum of 3 customers are on the same van:

  • 30-69 km: - 830 CZK/customer
  • 70-99 km: - 890 CZK/customer
    e.g. Strakonice, Česká Lípa, Teplice, Chomutov, Litvínov, Mladá Boleslav, Plzeň, Most, Kolín, Turnov, Dačice
  • 100-130 km: - 980 CZK/customer
    e.g. Karlovy Vary, Sokolov, Liberec, Klatovy, Děčín, Hradec Králové, Pardubice, Havlíčkův Brod, Humpolec,
  • 131-165 km: - 1130 CZK/customer
    e.g. Jihlava, Trutnov,
  • 166-200 km: - 1490 CZK/customer
    e.g. Svitavy
  • 201-250 km: - 1880 CZK/customer
    e.g. Brno, Znojmo, Šumperk
  • 251-300 km: - 1990 CZK/customer
    e.g. Uherské Hradiště, Kroměříž, Břeclav, Hodonín, Jeseník
  • 301-350 km: - 2330 CZK/customer
    e.g. Přerov, Olomouc
    SK: Bratislava
  • 351-400 km: - 2780 CZK/customer
    e.g. Opava, Ostrava, Frýdek-Místek, Krnov
    SK: Povážská Bystrica, Nové Město nad Váhom, Trnava
  • 401-500 km: - 3300 CZK/customer
    SK: Banská Bystrica, Čadca, Žilina, Nitra
  • 501-600 km: - 3840 CZK/customer
    SK: Poprad
  • 601-700 km: - 4440 CZK/customer
    SK: Prešov, Košice
LARGE PLANTS over 150 cmspecimens, screening and hedging shrubs

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