Did you get a silk tree (albizia julibrissin) and now you feel that something is not completely right? Leaves are turning yellow in the middle of summer and drying out, and the trunks are developing yellow, orange or brown coloured spots which definitely does not look right. Correct. You have encountered one of the most dangerous fungi diseases called mimosa vascular wilt. ...entire article


It has been a long time when I first visited Great Britain in the alleged dormancy period. I am saying alleged because when I saw the gorgeous groups of shrubs and trees with deep green and glossy leaves of all shapes and sizes I could not believe it was February. They all looked so alive! Obviously, English winter is quite mild for the centre of continental Europe – the temperature seldom drops below some -6°C in England and when that happens it never stays below zero over the noon. ...entire article

LARGE PLANTS over 150 cmspecimens, screening and hedging shrubs

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